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Legal Disclaimer


"Oldfield & Buergler" and the “firm”as used and referenced in this web site, refer to Oldfield & Buergler, A Professional Limited Liability Company, which maintains an office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The contents, information and material contained on this web site are provided for general informational purposes only; so as to allow you to learn more about the firm, its services and its attorneys. The information contained and presented herein, is not in any way, to be construed or taken as legal advice, and is subject to change at anytime, without any notice.

The providing and communication of information through this web site: (1) does not in any way create or constitute an attorney-client relationship, (2) is not intended as a solicitation nor is it intended as an offer to create an attorney-client relationship, (3) is not intended to provide any legal services as to any particular matter, and (4) is not in any way intended to convey or constitute legal advice, or to provide a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a licensed and qualified attorney. You should not act or rely upon any information or material contained on this web site, without first seeking advice from a licensed and qualified attorney, as it relates to your specific issue or matter.

Neither Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C., nor its attorneys seek to represent anyone based solely upon a viewing or visiting of this web site or based upon advertising, or where to do so would not comply with applicable local laws, rules and regulations. Employing a law firm and/or an attorney is an important personal matter, which should not be based solely upon information contained or provided by a web site or advertising. Attorney practice areas, legal services and other descriptions, including attorney biographies, contained on this web site may include descriptions of successful client representations outcomes or results in particular matters, however, the results portrayed are dependent on the facts and circumstances of the particular matters described, along with numerous other variables. Results in any matter will not necessarily be indicative of results obtained in other matters. Neither Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C., nor its attorneys in any way intend to make any assurance, guarantee or prediction that it or they will be in anyway successful in other matters, even if they involve similar facts, events and circumstances.

Please know that the only way for you to initiate possible representation by Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C. or its attorneys is to personally call and speak with Ryan M. Oldfield or Matthew F. Buergler at (405) 840-6800. They will first explain and will then guide you through the firm’s conflict of interest procedures and will then see that you are put in touch with an attorney best suited to handle your situation. Once you receive an initial engagement letter from Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C., or from an attorney in the firm, you will be the firm’s client. Then and only then will we be able to exchange information freely between one another.

In the event you choose to contact Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C. or an attorney with Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C. via e-mail, please do not provide us with any confidential or personal information. Your communications via e-mail to an attorney or a law firm that does not represent you, are neither confidential nor are privileged, and may be freely disclosed by that attorney and the members of the firm to others. Simply put, Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C. and its attorneys cannot: (1) treat you as a client, (2) advise you on any legal or other matter, or (3) represent your interest, until we have determined there is no conflict of interest that exists and have specifically, in writing, agreed to represent you. E-mail may be used to request that an attorney contact you to discuss the possibility of establishing an attorney-client relationship. If you are an existing client, please do not send confidential information via e-mail unless your attorney has specifically approved for you to do so in advance.


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