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Insurance Carriers

Oldfield & Buergler, P.L.L.C., represent insurance carriers and their insureds, in both personal injury and property damage claims. Specifically, the firm litigates cases involving automobile and commercial trucking accidents, products liability, personal and real property damage, industrial accidents, breach of contract and bad faith. In addition, the firm handles subrogation claims for carriers who have paid money in connection with personal injury, property damage or workers’ compensation claims. The firm also handles issues of coverage, including declaratory judgment actions and coverage opinions.

The attorneys in our firm have the experience and skills necessary to prepare your case and present it professionally at trial to a judge or jury. Throughout the process, our focus and commitment remain on providing you with advice, information, and guidance, so that the best possible result can be obtained.

Finally, the attorneys in our firm represent both plaintiff and defense clients and as such, we uniquely understand the thought process and strategy of our opposition and utilize this insight to our client’s advantage during the preparation of a case, settlement negotiations and trial.


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